Brotherhood Achievements

  • Overview
    Brotherhood Achievements are optional challenges that require the combined efforts of all Brotherhood Members. Upon completion of each Achievement, the victors will sail off with permanent Brotherhood Bonuses to use against their competition - not to mention fat bounties for participating Brotherhood Members! These may include Pearls, special Relics, Units, permanent modifications to their Havens or Unit statistics, or other features.

    There are 8 Brotherhood Achievements:

    1. Empire Builders
    To complete this Achievement, a Brotherhood must hold the specified number of Level 5 Presidios simultaneously for a minimum of 15 uninterrupted minutes.

    2. Conquerors
    To complete this Achievement, a Brotherhood must defeat the indicated number of Level 5 hostile Presidios.

    3. Masters of the Seven Seas
    To complete this Achievement, a Brotherhood must use Presidios to control the specified area of sea territory for at least 15 uninterrupted minutes.

    4. Sea Wolves
    To complete this Achievement, a Brotherhood must destroy the indicated number of hostile Submarines at enemy Presidios.

    5. The King's Men
    Complete this Achievement by using the indicated number of King's Pardons.

    6. Dread Pirates
    To earn this Achievement, several Brotherhood members must be simultaneously featured in the Top 10 Missions Rankings.

    7. Brothers in Arms
    A Brotherhood must recruit the indicated number of Captains to complete this Achievement.

    8. Merciless Souls
    To complete this Achievement, a Brotherhood must downgrade the total number of enemy Presidio Levels indicated. (For example, if you are required to downgrade 500 Presidio Levels total, you may weaken 500 Presidios by 1 Level each, or 100 Presidios by 5 levels each, etc.)
  • Achievement Bonuses
    There are two kinds of Achievement Bonuses - Brotherhood Bonuses, and Individual Bonuses.

    Brotherhood Bonuses
    These are awarded to a Brotherhood collectively upon successful completion of a Brotherhood Achievement. These bonuses can take the form of Ranking point boosts in the Brotherhood Rankings, or Brotherhood-wide bonuses to Unit or Haven statistics for all participating Brotherhood Members. Brotherhood Bonuses earned while being a member of one Brotherhood are non-transferable, and can not be retained upon leaving that Brotherhood. Brotherhood Members joining a Brotherhood after it has earned an Achievement will not enjoy the benefits of any existing Brotherhood Bonuses. If you leave your Brotherhood and join another one, you will be able to receive Brotherhood Achievement bonuses only after you have been in that Brotherhood for 7 days or more.

    Individual Bonuses
    These are your personal rewards for assisting your Brotherhood in completing a Brotherhood Achievement – these could take the form of Pearls, free Units, or special items and Relics. To claim your bonus, click on the highlighted "Claim Reward" button in the "My Brotherhood" section of the Brethren Court once your Brotherhood has successfully completed an Achievement. Individual Bonuses are one-time offers and, like Brotherhood Bonuses, cannot be used or earned again once you've left the Brotherhood in which you received it, even if your new Brotherhood earns a similar Brotherhood Achievement.

    To view the list of Brotherhood Achievements, along with their Terms and Bonuses, go the "My Brotherhood" tab in the Brethren Court.