Global Tournaments

  • Solo Tournament
    Solo Tournaments are special competitions where you can compete individually against Captains from all across the Seven Seas for big prizes! Participation is optional, however the outcome of each Global Tournament can alter the game storyline, result in permanent changes to the Seven Seas, and unlock rewards or new game features for participating players!

    Participation in Solo Tournaments will often - but not always - require Captains to embark upon on dangerous adventures to collect Tournament Points. The tasks vary depending on which Tournament is currently taking place. All participating Captains will be rewarded in proportion to their contribution!

    All Captains are divided into Classes according to their respective Level: Novice, Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Master, and Expert. Your rewards from Solo Tournaments will be bigger if you are in a higher Class at the moment you engage in the Tournament, but even novice players who occupy the top positions in their Class will get large rewards! You and your fellow Captains are divided up into Classes before each Tournament begins, and you will remain locked in that Class bracket for the Tournament's duration, even if you level up during the course of the event!
  • Idols
    You can earn Idols by participating in certain Global Tournaments. They cannot be purchased with Rum, Lumber, Gold, or Rubies, and you can't exchange them or send themem as gifts to other players. Other players cannot raid Idols from your Haven. You can use Idols to purchase special Sketches that are required to train Steam Units, as well as other game items and features. Once you have collected enough Idols, go to the Smuggler's Den, open the "Idols" tab, and select an item you wish to purchase.

    Check the Smuggler's Den to view the full list of items and game features you can purchase!
  • PvP Warfare
    Battle other Captains to get Tournament Points. The more Units ye take down, the more Points ye be gettin! It doesn't matter whether ye be on the offensive or defensive side. The more Points ye rack up, the bigger yer rewards be at the end o' the Tournament!
  • Prize Ransack
    In this Tournament, Captains be tasked with engaging the Spanish Fleet in as many Prizes across the Seven Seas as they can. Ye'll get Tournament Points fer each Pirate ye defeat there - and the more Tournament Points ye collect, the bigger the rewards ye stand to earn!
  • Raid Rally
    This Tournament be pittin' all the Captains in the Seven Seas against each other - unlike any other Tournaments, not everyone can come out on top here! Raid the Havens o' yer enemies - the more Resources ye recover, the more Tournament Points ye get. Be advised: other Captains be trying to raid yer Haven at the same time. Tournament Points be distributed on the basis o' net Resources raided – so the amount o' Resources that were taken from ye will be subtracted from the amount o' Resources ye collect from successful Raids. This will make fer a fluctuating Tournament score, so stay sharp and keep yer Haven locked down until the end o' the Tournament!
  • Presidio Takeover
    This Tournament takes the battle from the arena into the global map. Ye will need to capture and hold Presidios in order to earn Tournament Points, and the ultimate number o' Tournament Points ye collect directly depends on how many Units ye take down at the Presidios. Both King Carlos-Ferdinand IV's forces and rival Brotherhoods' troops count!
  • Hiring Race
    In this Tournament, Captains be competing with each other by hiring Units. Train, purchase or even revive Units in order to earn Tournament Points. The higher the skill level o' the Units, the more Tournament Points they'll get ye!
  • Discovery Challenge
    Captains don't need to demonstrate their battlefield strength here, but their intelligence. Researching and upgrading Discoveries will earn ye Tournament Points. The more time a Discovery takes to research or upgrade, the more Tournament Points ye will score!
  • Construction Contest
    Behind every strong fleet, there's a well-fortified Haven. Construct and upgrade buildings in yer Haven to get Tournament Points. The longer a building takes to Construct or Upgrade, the more Tournament Points ye will get for it! Whoever makes the most progress wins!
  • Brotherhood Milestones
    Brotherhood Milestones be appearing only in the "Milestone" Global Tournaments, where yer Brotherhood be able to participate together. Ye be seeing these special marks on the Brotherhood progress bar. Reaching a Milestone multiplies all Brotherhood Members' personal Tournament rewards by a certain factor. The more yer Brotherhood succeeds at completing the Tournament objectives, the greater the Milestone ye will reach and the higher yer reward multiplier will be. The amount o' points a Brotherhood needs to earn in order to reach the next Milestone be depending entirely on the size o' the Brotherhood! The bigger the Brotherhood, the more points they have to earn! Focus opera-glasses with yer Brotherhood and rack up huge rewards!
  • Brotherhood Tournaments
    Brotherhood Tournaments be special types o' Tournaments that yer Brotherhood can participate in together. Any Tournament Points ye collect will be added to the overall score o' yer Brotherhood. The more Points yer Brethren collect, the bigger the Brotherhood Reward ye stand to earn. Be advised, Captain: all Brethren be getting' the same Brotherhood Reward. To qualify, ye have to be permanent member o' a Brotherhood. If a Brotherhood Tournament be locked, it means ye have to complete yer Naval Training and get promoted to a higher Brotherhood Rank. Rally yer Brethren and coordinate to make sure everyone be pulling their weight, and ye should have no problem winning these Tournaments!
  • Experience Hunt
    The only things that will turn a deckswabber into a salty ol' sea dog is hard work and Experience. Explore the Seven Seas 'n gain Experience fer various in-game tasks. Show off yer battle skills, develop yer Haven or amaze other Captains with the Discoveries you make - all be fair in this Tournament! You'll get one Tournament Point for each Experience Point you gain during the course of the Tournament. The more progress you make, the more rewards you'll be gettin'!

    Pay attention - there be one exception. Daily Quests won't win ye any Tournament Points.
  • Treasure Hunt
    In this Tournament, there are two ways to earn Tournament Points. You're tasked with capturing, holding and defending Treasure Islands across the Seven Seas!

    You'll get Tournament Points for all the Resources you successfully collect from Treasure Islands, so the longer you hold these locations, and the more Defensive Units you have stationed there to dig up and loot the buried Resources, the higher your score will be. Note: Different Resources grant different amounts of Tournament Points. 10 Rubies collected, for example, are worth more Tournament Points than 10 Gears.

    You'll also win Tournament Points for any enemy Units you sink in battle at Treasure Islands – it doesn't matter whether you're fighting on the offensive or defensive side, or even whether you win or lose the battle.

    For more information on capturing Treasure Islands and holding them, refer to the "Treasure Islands" section.
  • Treasure Island Skirmish
    This PvP Tournament tasks you with engaging in combat with other Captains at Treasure Islands across the Seven Seas. You will be accorded Tournament Points for every enemy Unit successfully defeated in battle at these locations, regardless of whether you were defending one that you already held, or attacking someone else's Treasure Island. Even if you lose the battle, you will still earn Tournament Points based on the amount of enemies you took down with you!

    Note: Stronger Units destroyed may win you more Tournament Points than weaker ones.

    For further information on how to capture and hold Treasure Islands, refer to the "Treasure Islands" section.
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  • Brotherhood Bastion Showdown
    This Tournament gives Captains who belong to a Brotherhood the chance to show their power! Prepare yourself for a traditional Pirate fight to the death! There be a number of different ways to receive Tournament Points during the Brotherhood Bastion Showdown: You can upgrade your own Brotherhood Bastion, or alternatively downgrade the Bastions of your rivals - fighting and destroying their Units in the process! You will receive Tournament Points when you take down enemy Units at any Brotherhood Bastion. Remember: Tournament Points are awarded in proportion to the strength of the Units you destroy!