Haven Guard

  • Overview
    Haven Guards are specialized defensive Improvements that guard your Haven and battle for its defense.

    Besides increasing your Haven's Defense Bonus, they take part in each battle for your Haven, just like any other Unit in your Haven. The advantage of the Haven Guards over the regular Units is that the Haven Guards can be revived if they fall in battle. Once purchased, the Haven Guards will help you defend your Haven in all battles for your Haven.

    To revive a fallen member of Haven Guards, simply click on him, and in a set period of time he will be revived and ready to fight the next battle. The exact time required for each Haven Guard type can be found in its description window (opened by clicking on the Haven Guard), and can be viewed in a progress bar during the revival.

    The fallen Haven Guard can also be instantly revived by your Friends. To revive a Haven Guard, your Friend must visit your Haven and click on the fallen Guard. Each Friend can instantly revive only one Haven Guard a day.

    Each Haven Guard is designed to fend off specific Unit types. A limited number of Haven Guards can be placed in your Haven. Haven Guard Units cannot be dispatched to other Havens, Targets, Prizes or Presidios.

    To purchase a Haven Guard, go to the "Construction" menu and choose the "Improvements" tab. Haven Guard Units will be marked with the word "More…" and a pirate icon.
  • Sawbones
    Sawbones are medical improvement items capable of automatically healing all defensive Haven Guard Units (such as Redcoats, Scallywags, and Gunner's Mates) and Royal Cannon within your Haven.

    Sawbones begin automatically healing your Haven Guards and Royal Cannon each time you log into the game, do not consume resources, and cannot be damaged or destroyed.

    Each Sawbones you purchase increases the rate of repair for all Haven Guard units and and Royal Cannon in your Haven by 5%. You may install a maximum of 5 Sawbones.

    To purchase a Sawbones:

    1. Go to your Haven.
    2. Click "Construction".
    3. Open the "Improvements" tab and select the Sawbones.
    4. Select an area within your Haven and begin construction.