• Overview
    There are three main types of Resources in the game – Rum, Lumber and Gold. You need them to construct buildings, research Discoveries and produce new Units. The amount of Lumber and Gold you can gain per hour depends on the number of fields you have for these Resources, the number of Lumber Yards and Gold Mines you've build, and their upgrade Levels.
  • Usage and Acquisition
    To gain more Resources, construct and upgrade Gold Mines and Lumber Yards and resource related buildings - such as the Goldsmith and Sawmill. The amount of Gold and Lumber you can store is limited by your Warehouse capacity. Upgrade your Warehouse to store more Resources. Rum is produced at your Rum Distilleries. Build and upgrade your Rum Distilleries and the Windmill to increase Rum production. The amount of Rum you can store in your Haven is limited by the capacity of your Rum Cellar(s). Make sure you upgrade your Rum Cellar at the same rate at which you increase your Rum revenue or anything over your capacity will go to waste. (The same goes for your Warehouse). Rum is used to keep your pirate subjects and sailors happy. Every unit in the game consumes its own set level of Rum per hour. You can exchange excess Resources or Rum at the Market for whatever you're running low on. Your Friends and Shipmates can also gift them to you - but the proper Pirate method is to steal them from other Havens during Raids.

    You can use Rubies to temporarily boost your Resource production for 3 days by 25% (see the "Rubies" section for more). There are also special Relics which can improve the production statistics of your Haven (see the "Relics" section for more details).

    If you research all Discoveries that do not require Idols, you will receive a boost to your Gold and Lumber production. Your boost will begin the day after you have researched all Discoveries. Once a new Discovery appears, your boost will be placed on hold until you research the new Discovery; in which case the Resource production boost will begin once again.
  • Rubies
    Rubies give you extra advantages in the game. You can:
    - Get a 3-day 25% boost to your Gold, Lumber and Rum production.
    - Boost the rate of your Building construction, Discovery research, and Crew production.
    - Cheaply produce Veteran Units.
    - Purchase Fortifications and Improvements.
    - Expand your Haven.-
    Purchase Carpenters to add an additional construction/upgrade queue to your Haven and allowing you to upgrade or add multiple buildings simultaneously.
    You can purchase additional Rubies at the Bank by selecting the "Bank" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    There are many ways to earn Rubies:
    Complete the tutorial tasks.
    Level up.
    Play the game 90 days in a row.
    Take top Ranking positions.
    Earn Medals for Foul Deeds.