• Harbor - Overview
    Your Haven's Harbor is a secure shelter which allows you to safely hide Resources, ships, and Crew from hostile forces in the event of an attack. Units inside the Harbor will be protected in the event of a Raid or Blockade - but also unable to participate in your Haven's defense.

    While there is no limit to the number and type of Units that can be secured in the Harbor, the amount of Resources that are automatically stored in your Harbor is determined by its upgrade Level.

    The Harbor has 2 interface tabs:
    1. "Info" - This tab displays the amount of your Resources that will be protected in your Harbor at its current upgrade Level.
    2. "Units in Harbor" - This tab allows you to view the Units you currently have in your Harbor, add more, or return them to active duty.

    All Units stationed in the Harbor may also be managed directly from your Pirate Stronghold under the "Harbor" tab.

    Successful enemy scouting reports WILL NOT display Units withdrawn to the Harbor.

    SPECIAL NOTE: The Raiding mechanics have CHANGED with the addition of the Harbor. From now on even if the amount of Resources in your Warehouses is less than 50% of their overall capacity - they will NOT be protected. The Raider will recover all the Resources his or her surviving Units can carry. To protect your Resources you may either upgrade your Harbor to add additional docks or deploy Defensive Units to defend your Haven.